Republican Party of Minnesota Relocates To New Headquarters in Minneapolis

The Republican Party of Minnesota will be moving to a new headquarters facility located in the heart of Minneapolis.

The Party’s decision to move from its current location adjacent to the capitol complex in St. Paul was influenced by a number of factors, including significant cost savings and a desire to place the Party offices in the middle of everyday Minnesotans.

“We are moving out from ‘inside the political beltway’ in St. Paul to be closer to the people,” said Republican Party Chairman, Keith Downey. “It is a visible and tangible sign that the Republican Party will be focused on regular Minnesotans and immersed in their circumstances.

The new offices are located at 2200 East Franklin in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, which is between the Midtown, Phillips and Cedar Riverside areas. It is also near the University of Minnesota, Augsburg College, and the Cristo-Rey, Minnesota Transitions Charter and Minneapolis South High Schools.

Downey concluded, “This is a great move for us on many levels, including the chance to connect with our new neighbors and show that we are on their side and our ideas work for them.”

The move will be completed by January 31, 2014.

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Prepared and Paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota
Keith Downey, Chair
Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee


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