Contact Us

The officers include:

Jim Nelson, Sr.: chair, email:, cell: 320-224-8208
Dan Haglin: deputy-chair, email:
Mark Anthony: secretary
Tim Philbrick: treasurer
Dan Haglin: deputy-treasurer
Jeanne Batesole: vice-chairwoman
Linda Kloubec: vice-chairwoman
Sherry Sievert: vice-chairwoman
George Cassell: vice-chairman
Mark Hintermeyer: vice-chairman
Kevin Schutz: vice-chairman

State Central Committee, Delegates & Alternates:

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen: Delegate
Jim Nelson, Sr.: Delegate
Rep. Mary Franson: Alternate #1
Shelly Nelson: Alternate #2
Eric Marquardt: Alternate #3
Kevin Schutz: Alternate #4
Mark Hintermeyer: Alternate #5
Kim Hilback: Alternate #6

The following Republican legislators serve in the Minnesota House and Senate who serve parts of Douglas County:

Senate District 8: Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, Alexandria,
Senate District 12: Senator Torrey Westrom, Elbow Lake,
House District 8B: Representative Mary Franson, Alexandria,
House District 12A: Representative Jeff Backer, Browns Valley,
House District 12B: Representative Paul Anderson, Starbuck,

Dan Haglin, chair – email:
Scott Dutcher, deputy-chair
Tessa Dutcher, secretary
Tim Philbrick, treasurer
George Cassell, vice-chairman
Jim Korkowski, vice-chairman – email:
Jim Nelson, vice-chairman –
Jo Bjerknes, vice-chairwoman –
Judi Korkowski, vice-chairwoman – email:
Faye Yager, vice-chairwoman – email:


8 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Please google and get everyone involved. Thank you. Cathy Gervais

  2. christina Pierson

    Last weekend I lit-dropped in Alex with Rep Franson and your county used those cool clear bags to put on people’s doors…Where can I get ahold of some quickly or where did you order from?

  3. Where can I get trump yard and window signs?

  4. When is the next town hall meeting in Alexandria?

  5. is there a regional office open in Alex now where I could get signs & lit?

  6. When is office on Broadway opened for yard signs. Myself and two othe individuals were waiting at 1:30 pm today (on the 4th of Sept.) to get signs. Office closed.

  7. Wondering if there will be a bus going to Target Center on October 10?

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