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Dayton’s Shell Game Sends Mixed Signals On Middle Class Taxes

Minnesotans beware.

Governor Mark Dayton has been very clear on where he stands with raising taxes on businesses and “the rich” – yes you.

It’s much harder to figure out where Governor Dayton and the Democrats are coming from on the issue of taxes and the middle class.

They held a press conference this week touting new projections that property taxes would actually decrease in 2014. Keep your eye on those projections, by the way – they come from the same agency that predicted e-pull tabs would finance the new Vikings stadium.

So the Governor says low property taxes are a good thing for hard-working Minnesotans. We agree. But he had to raise over $2 billion in new taxes and fees, much of them on the middle class and even poor Minnesotans, to pay for lots of things including his supposed $121 million property tax reduction.

So which is it? Are higher taxes good or bad for the middle class?

Perhaps Minnesota families can use their projected property tax savings, if it ever materializes, to pay for all of the other cost increases they will experience because of the Dayton/DFL 2013 budget:

•Higher energy bills.

•Fewer choices and higher costs for childcare under forced unionization of childcare.

•Higher premiums, higher co-pays, higher prescription drug prices and even fewer hours at work because of the healthcare exchange legislation.

•New tobacco taxes.

•Higher costs to download music and other files from the Internet.

•Higher costs for car rentals.

Each day it becomes more apparent – Republicans stood against wasteful government spending and for an economic recovery that would continue producing middle class jobs, and what Mark Dayton and the Democrats really wanted was bigger government and more spending.

Yes Minnesotans, beware. Despite their spin, the Democrat’s all-tax-increases budget taxes everyone. And raising taxes in one area to supposedly reduce taxes in another is more than a gimmick, it’s a shell game. Make sure you are watching their other hand.

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Keith Downey, Chair
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Ingebrigtsen on State’s New Taxes

(ST. PAUL, MN) – This upcoming month of July will mark the beginning of the new tax laws put into place by the Democrat lead legislature this past session. Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria) would like to inform his constituents there will be more taxes on their receipt in the near future.

“The new taxes that the Democrats put into place this past session will soon start to take effect,” said Ingebrigtsen. “The changes to broaden the sales tax will now having the hardworking taxpayers of Minnesota paying for items they have never been taxed on before. These new items range from Internet purchases to car repairs. These taxes are going to hit people’s checkbook at a tough time,” Ingebrigtsen stated.

Most of the new sales tax will go into effect July 1, 2013. While most changes made from the legislative session go into effect August 1, 2013. Sen. Ingebrigtsen always encourages constituents to contact him with questions or concerns.


Franson Column on Taxes

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