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Ingebrigtsen Statement on Dayton’s Gun Rights Comments

“Comments made by Governor Mark Dayton in the Star Tribune titled “Dayton says Trayvon Martin cases strengthens his opposition to ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws,” should be very concerning to Minnesotans about the direction he is taking the state. Politicizing the tragedy and subsequent trial of this young man’s death is something that is very irresponsible. As a former Sherriff, I have always put faith into the justice system and allowing the court and/or jury to decide the verdict.

Governor Dayton is playing political games with our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. In my opinion, the comments Governor Dayton made in the Star Tribune is only a precursor to the assault he and DFL leadership will lead the next legislative session on the Second Amendment.
Gun owners and Sportsmen across the State should prepare for more restrictive gun laws if we allow Governor Dayton’s agenda to continue. People in the State of Minnesota have the right to protect themselves and the right to bear arms. I encourage our Minnesota Governor to respect our Constitution and more importantly be more concerned with our state than the Florida judicial system.”