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Official Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate Straw Poll Results

Jeff Johnson and Julianne Ortman won the non-binding straw polls for Governor and U.S. Senator respectively today at the Republican Party of Minnesota State Central Committee meeting in Blaine.   Johnson won 35% of the votes in the Governor’s poll with Dave Thompson coming in second with 27%. Ortman won the Senatorial poll with 37% with Mike McFadden coming in second with 21%.   “Congratulations to today’s winners Jeff Johnson and Julianne Ortman,” said Keith Downey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. “It was a day full of great speeches, great messages, great candidates, great energy, and great momentum going forward for the party. We couldn’t be more excited about the pool of candidates ready to take on Al Franken and Mark Dayton, and I can’t wait for our state convention next year when the delegates ultimately select our Republican candidates.”

Governor Results:

  • Jeff Johnson – 35%
  • Dave Thompson – 27%
  • Marty Seifert (write-in) – 18%
  • Kurt Zellers – 8%
  • Rob Farnsworth – 6%
  • Scott Honour – 4%

U.S. Senate Results:

  • Julianne Ortman – 37%
  • Mike McFadden – 22%
  • Harold Shudlick – 13%
  • Chris Dahlberg – 12%
  • Jim Abeler – 11%
  • Monti Moreno – 3%

* Note: the percentages do not add up to 100% due to spoiled ballots, and write-in candidate vote totals were not included if they did not receive at least 10 votes.


Republican Party of Minnesota Launches TruthMatters Website

Site will highlight broken promises, lies and insults of the Democratic Party and its allies

The Republican Party of Minnesota today launched a new website tool to hold Democrats accountable to the truth heading into the 2014 election. The website, called, will focus on the broken promises, lies and insults of the Democrats and their allies both in Minnesota and in Washington, D.C.

“While a rigorous debate is part of our healthy democracy, the truth still matters,” said Keith Downey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota. “This website will hold our friends on the other side accountable for the claims they make in the public square.”

In launching the new website, Downey highlighted several posts featuring Governor Mark Dayton including his broken promise that electronic pull-tab money would pay for the Vikings stadium and a recent lie about the Democrats taking credit for paying back the K-12 education shift. The site also features a lie from Senator Al Franken regarding his vote in favor of the medical device tax that is damaging Minnesota companies.

Downey said the focus on insults is an attempt to call out the DFL Party and organizations like the Alliance for a Better Minnesota when they resort to name calling and bring down the level of debate.

“There’s a belief in politics that if you repeat something long enough, it becomes fact. We’re not going to let untrue statements about our candidates and beliefs go unanswered in the 2014 election. And we’re going to remind voters of the promises made by candidates like Mark Dayton and Al Franken during their campaigns for office.”

The TruthMatters website can be found at A Twitter account has also been set up at


The Truth About the Shutdown

September 20 – House Republicans pass a bipartisan Continuing Resolution (230-189) to keep government running at current spending levels and defund the Affordable Care Act. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

September 28 – House passes another Continuing Resolution to keep government open and avoid a shutdown. Republicans attempt to negotiate with Democrats and agree to delay implementation of Obamacare for 1 year. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

September 30 – the House insists on a plan to fund government at current spending levels and pass Continuing Resolution that includes provision to ensure NO SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR CONGRESS under the president’s health care law. House Republicans request a formal House-Senate conference. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

October 2 – Open our National Parks Act, to keep national monuments like the WWII memorial open, passes the House with bipartisan support (252-173). SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

October 3 – Pay Our Guard and Reserve Act passes the House (265-160). SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

October 2 – House Republicans pass the Research for Lifesaving Cures Act to fully fund the National Institute of Health and continue critical lifesaving research. After refusing to take a vote in the Senate, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid asks, “Why would we do that?” SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

READ full story here!

October 3 – Honoring Our Promise to America’s Veterans Act provides immediate funding for critical veterans benefits and services. House passes the bill with bipartisan support. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

October 4 – National Emergency and Disaster Recovery Act to ensure FEMA continues to operate as normal passes the House. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

October 7 – Food & Drug Safety Act to ensure routine food inspections and critical drug safety services are uninterrupted passes the House. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

And where is Minnesota Senator Al Franken? Standing shoulder to shoulder with Senator Reid. They could have stopped the shutdown by simply eliminating Congress’ exemption from Obamacare and repealing the medical device tax. But they wouldn’t. AL FRANKEN, HARRY REID AND SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

October 8 – Head Start for Low Income Children Act to fund an initiative championed by President Obama passes the House. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

Deficit Reduction and Economic Growth Working Group Act to conduct negotiations, resolve differences, re-open the government, and address the debt passes the House. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

Federal Worker Pay Fairness Act to keep federal workers who are still on the job paid on-time unanimously passes the House. SENATE DEMOCRATS REFUSE TO ACT!

The federal government shutdown is now in its 15th day. MN Senator Al Franken and his fellow Democrats in the Senate continue to refuse to work with Republicans. It’s time for the Democrats to get back to work. The #SenateMustAct to end the shutdown.

Join the conversation today! Hashtag #SenateMustAct

The Passing of One of Our Best, Rod Grams

Minnesota lost a great leader and a principled conservative yesterday with the passing of former U.S. Senator Rod Grams. Grams served as a Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1993-94 and in the U.S. Senate from 1995-2001.

Senator Grams focused his time in Washington on the size and scope of the federal government and will be remembered for his principled stands on the issues facing Congress throughout the 1990s. But he will also be remembered for his pleasant smile and easy going demeanor that allowed him to work with people on both sides of the political spectrum for the good of Minnesota and the country.

Grams was a true friend of the Republican Party of Minnesota and never turned down a request from a candidate to help their campaign. We will miss Rod and his service to our state, and send our condolences to his wife Chris and their family.

Keith Downey, Chair
Kelly Fenton, Deputy Chair
Chris Fields, Secretary