Douglas County Republicans held convention

The Douglas County Republicans held their annual convention Saturday, March 4th, 2023 at the Broadway Ballroom in Alexandria. The following officers were elected for a two-year term:

Chair: Dan Haglin

Vice Chair: Bill Ingebrigtsen

Secretary: Colin Hawkinson

Treasurer: Tim Philbrick

Deputy Treasurer: Bill Ingebrigtsen

Deputy Chairs: Holli DeShane, Grant Haugen, Linda Kloubec, Theresa Lukes, Jon Philbrick, Patrick Wolf

State Central Delegates: Holli DeShane, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Joel Novak

State Central Alternates: Stephen Knudsen, Jerry Rapp, Kenneth Wersinger, Linda Marquardt, Patrick Wolf, Dan Haglin, Mary Franson, Nevin Smith, Tom Marthaler

Congratulations to these members!


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