Monthly Archives: March 2023

Douglas County Republicans monthly meeting

The next monthly meeting of the Douglas County Republicans will be April 3, 2023 at the Broadway Ballroom, 115 30th Ave E, Alexandria, MN, at 6:30pm.

Douglas County Republicans held convention

The Douglas County Republicans held their annual convention Saturday, March 4th, 2023 at the Broadway Ballroom in Alexandria. The following officers were elected for a two-year term:

Chair: Dan Haglin

Vice Chair: Bill Ingebrigtsen

Secretary: Colin Hawkinson

Treasurer: Tim Philbrick

Deputy Treasurer: Bill Ingebrigtsen

Deputy Chairs: Holli DeShane, Grant Haugen, Linda Kloubec, Theresa Lukes, Jon Philbrick, Patrick Wolf

State Central Delegates: Holli DeShane, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Joel Novak

State Central Alternates: Stephen Knudsen, Jerry Rapp, Kenneth Wersinger, Linda Marquardt, Patrick Wolf, Dan Haglin, Mary Franson, Nevin Smith, Tom Marthaler

Congratulations to these members!