Hot agenda items likely to include budget agreement, transportation funding

St. Paul – The Minnesota Legislature reconvened in St. Paul today to begin the 2015 legislative session.

“I am excited to begin the new session with a fair and balanced legislature,” said Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen. “It’s an honor and a privilege to once again represent the citizens of Douglas and Otter Tail Counties.

“Over the last two years we saw the harm caused by Governor Dayton and DFL majorities. This year we now have a Republican Majority in the MN House. This will undoubtedly give a stronger voice to Greater Minnesota. With this new Republican Majority we now we have an opportunity to reform our tax laws to provide some relief to hardworking taxpayers. Tax reform has long been a goal of Republicans, and truthfully, Minnesota families deserve this relief.

“Republicans have a simple vision,” Senator Ingebrigtsen continued. “We need to improve the roads in this state as well as making long-term care, healthcare and taxes more affordable. We can address our challenges and make Minnesota a more welcoming environment for families and business if Senate Democrats and Governor Dayton are willing to work with Republicans to support new, innovative ideas.”

Senator Ingebrigtsen will continue to serve as the Republican lead on the Environment, Economic Development, and Agriculture committee. In addition, he will serve as an Assistant Minority Leader, and will have assignments on the Finance, Capital Investment, AND Legacy committees.


Senator Ingebrigtsen welcomes constituents to contact his Capitol office at 143 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155, by phone at 651-297-8063, or by email at Sen.Bill.Ingebrigtsen@Senate.mn.


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