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MNsure Auditor Report Findings

Dear Friends,

The non-partisan Office of the Legislative Auditor released today a new report on MNsure, the troubled health insurance exchange.

The report found MNsure has lacked oversight and accountability with respect to marketing costs and collection of receipts, and noted MNsure has not complied with board policies or state statues. In addition, the report found the Department of Commerce and Department of Management and Budget both had internal control weaknesses and were non-compliant with federal and state requirements.

There were three especially glaring oversight failures found in the report:

· The original $666,590 marketing contract increased to nearly $1 million after the director expanded the scope of his work without authorization from MNsure management. It was only after the contract expired that MNsure’s CFO retroactively authorized $1.5 million for services already performed.

· MNsure and the Department of Commerce spent nearly $40 million on equipment, advertisements, and software and technology licenses, but the report found that purchases did not have documented authorization from appropriate personnel and money was not set aside for those purchases as required by law.

· MNsure awarded $4.7 million in grants to 41 recipients last fall, but has not performed site visits or reviewed the financial activity of those receiving grants.

I would encourage you to read the full report to get a sense of MNsure’s flaws. The full report can be found here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about MNsure or other legislative issues.


Bill Ingebrigtsen
District 8



Sent to echo press for publishing

A lot has been said on the editorial pages about candidates who are “good and honorable.” However, what is good and honorable about candidates who fan the flames of envy? These candidates believe in redistribution of wealth, attacking achievement, and demonizing success and patriotism. They believe that government is the solution to every problem, but too many of those solutions require coercion to be accomplished.

Conservatives believe in limited, effective government. They want to eliminate fraud, waste, cronyism, cozy deals and favors. Conservatives are just as generous as liberals, but they’re generous with their own money. Conservatives believe that only people who are eligible to vote should vote. Conservatives believe that service men and women should be honored, not mocked.

If you are offended by this, I’m truly sorry, but no society has EVER flourished under liberalism. Only its leaders have.

Vote for Jeff Johnson for Governor, Mike McFadden for Senator, Dan Severson for Secretary of State, Randy Gilbert for State Auditor, Scott Newman for Attorney General, Michelle MacDonald for MN Supreme Court, Torrey Westrom for Congress, and Mary Franson, Paul Anderson, & Jeff Backer for their respective House Districts. They are conservatives who believe in fair and honest elections, who believe in help for those truly in need, who believe hard work and achievement should be rewarded and commended, not demonized, who believe that the greatest “general welfare” is achieved when society is encouraged to invent, create and develop, not regulated out of existence.

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Still Time to Make A Difference

There is still plenty of time to get out and volunteer for endorsed candidates and make a difference. We have plenty of signs to put up, lots of phone calls to make, and lit pieces that need to be spread around. You can contact us through this webpage or visit our victory center in Alexandria, just off Broadway behind Cherry Street Books


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