Fact Check: Gov. Dayton Misleads Minnesotans about his Tax Increases

Governor Dayton insists he cut taxes, but after an investigation, the verdict is in and the results are not good.

The Facts:

•In 2013, Gov. Dayton raised taxes by $2.1 billion. (Star Tribune)

•According to MPR, Gov. Dayton passed $232 million in sales taxes, just to repeal them a year later. (MPR)

•Gov. Dayton passed a large financial gift tax, which he then corrected. (MPR)

•Gov. Dayton even increased taxes on low income Minnesotans. (MPR)

•After correcting a couple of their mistakes, Gov. Dayton and Minnesota Democrats still increased taxes by $1.7 billion! (MPR)

Not only did Gov Dayton raise taxes on Minnesota families, he mislead the public by saying he cut taxes.


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