Rep. Paul Anderson (12B) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter/Passover. Winter won’t seem to loosen its grip on us, so please be careful on the roads.

The Legislature is not in session this week in order to observe the holidays. It has been nice to have extra time in the district to talk with people about legislative issues.

We had a nice discussion during the town hall meeting I hosted last Saturday in LaGrand Township. Thanks to all of those who attended! People were interested in providing input on recent developments from the Capitol. This includes enactment of a minimum-wage increase. Attendees also were interested in talking about the timing of approval on that bill and how it seemed linked to the House signing off on a new Senate office complex.

The 2014 session is now past its midway point. A column I submitted to newspapers throughout District 12B this week recaps some headline items from the first half. I encourage you to look for that article in our local newspapers. You also can click here to read it online.

Have a blessed Easter/Passover and I’ll be back in touch after we return to the Capitol this Tuesday.




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