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Meeting Ahead: Tuesday, April First

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 1st (no fooling), 6:30pm, at the Broadway ballroom, 115 · 30th Ave E, in Alexandria. Our guest speaker will be Chris Fields, secretary of the Republican Party of Minnesota. We’ll also have an update on the CD7 convention (Just happened in Willmar).


Sen. Westrom: Hold Filing Taxes Until April 3rd


As many of you know the Minnesota Legislature passed several tax cuts earlier this month. This has lead to many questions regarding the status of your tax return. Since some of these cuts were retroactive many qualify for payment for this upcoming tax return.

Commissioner Myron Frans has asked that folks filing their tax returns hold off until the 3rd of April to let his department process the change in law. Additionally Commissioner Frans has stated that the Revenue Department will contact those who have already filed if they are eligible for an even larger refund. However, that will take some time, possibly months. Frans as well stated that those who have already filed do not need to submit an amended return. Instead, they will just be sent a check.

First and foremost if you have any questions I suggest you contact the Department of Revenue at 1-800-652-9094. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to contact my office at 651-296-3826 or at


Senator Torrey Westrom

District 12
107 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155
(651) 296-3826
(855) 407-7386

Weekly Update from Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen


This week was very eventful at your state capitol. Many constituent visits and committee meetings took place. Please let me know if you will be around St. Paul during session, I always have time for constituents.

Environment, Economic Development and Agriculture Committee

This week in committee, we heard numerous bills that will be considered for our bi-annual bonding proposal. Everything from regional event centers to local parks and trails are going to be considered for the bonding request.

One of my proposals, SF1760, was heard on Monday. This bill calls for funds to be appropriated for the new Parkers Prairie swimming pool. The pool presents a regional benefit and was very well received by the committee. Joining me at hearing was Jim Arvidson and Sheryl Myers as testifiers and Judy Klein, Tom Myers, Gene Payne, and Rod Helling in attendance for support.

I am optimistic that the bill will be included in the final bonding bill.


As part of the finance committee I heard a bill that would increase the state’s general reserve fund. This legislation is somewhat controversial. The DFL would like to take the states surplus and turn it into more money in the government’s pockets where as Republicans are calling for tax cuts and getting that surplus money back to the people. This shows a clear difference in priorities between the two parties.

You paid for that surplus with the over taxation of last year’s session; you should get it back.

Hot Button Issues

This week some of the more controversial bills made moves.

The “Bullying Bill,” HF826, passed out of the Education Committee after not following the standard senate protocol of allowing 3 days of notice to the public. While the DFL Majority assured us this won’t be a regular occurrence this is disheartening. Especially when you the public, demands that we co-operate in the legislature. The public suffers when this happens.

The wolf hunt, which I co-authored, and was signed into law by Governor Dayton, is under fire again. This year, a bill presented by St. Paul DFL Senator Foung Hawj which aims to stop the hunt was heard in the Environmental Policy Committee. After much discussion, including the DNR, who support the current wolf hunt, the committee failed to pass the bill. After Metro leaders had some time to get their ducks in a row they recalled the members and passed the bill.

The DFL lead “Medical Marijuana” bill was pulled from committee in the House this week after the author of the bill, Rep. Carly Melin, heard law enforcements opposition. I stand in strong opposition of legalizing ANY form of raw marijuana.

Thanks for taking the time to read my update. Feel free to contact my office at any time. I am available at 1-651-297-8063 or at

Bill Ingebrigtsen
State Senator
District 8
Office Phone Number

Douglas County Republicans 2014 convention

The 2014 convention of the Douglas County Republicans was held March 8th.
The following Delegates were elected: Dan Haglin, Scott Dutcher, Tessa Dutcher, Tim Philbrick, Jim Nelson, Jim Korkowski, George Cassell, Jo Bjerknes, Judi Korkowski, Faye Yager, Dan Ness, Carol Cassell, Hilda Bettermann, Owen Miller, Virgil Batesole, Bill Ingebrigtsen, Mary Franson, Jim Bjerknes, Marilyn Ingebrigtsen, and Will Bettermann,  The following Alternates were elected: Bernie Cullen, Shelly Nelson, Eric Marquardt, Linda Marquardt, Mike Marquardt, Joel Paschka, Norm Schimmelpfennig, Grant Haugen, Jeanne Batesole, Dan Diedrich, Rosemary Diedrich, Jeremiah Swor, Audrey Miller, Jerome Blommel, Lavonne Schimmelpfennig, Nathan Chan, and Joel Novak. 
Congratulations to all!  The Delegates and Alternates will be invited to attend the 7th Congressional District Republican convention, March 28th & 29th, in Willmar; and the State Republican convention, May 29th -31st, in Rochester.
The convention attendees were treated to speeches from the campaigns of 5 of the 6 US Senate candidates: Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (on behalf of Jim Abeler), Chris Dahlberg, Connor McFadden (on behalf of his father, Mike McFadden), Monti Moreno, and Julianne Ortman. 
We heard from the campaigns of 4 of the 6 Governor candidates: Scott Honour, Jeff Johnson, Marty Seifert, and Michelle Benson (Dave Thompson’s running-mate). 
We also heard from Kurt Doudt, Minority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Richard Osburn, a tribal judge from Onamia, who is running for judge in the 7th Judicial District (as a Republican), Ryan Love, who is running for Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, Randy Gilbert, who is running for State Auditor, and from Sen. Torrey Westrom, candidate for U.S. Congress in the 7th District. 
We heard from Nancy Taffe and Jeff Backer, who are vying for the endorsement to House District 12A., and from Rep. Mary Franson and Sue Nelson, who are vying for the endorsement to House District 8B.  Finally, we heard from Rep. Paul Anderson, House District 12B, who is not facing a Republican challenger.
What a great evening of fine Republican speakers.  They were all very inspiring…Do NOT lose heart!
Dan Haglin, chair: Douglas County Republicans