$300 Billion Stimulus, “spiffy new trains”, and No Democrats in Close Races

Obama says nothing about Obamacare; and Franken, Dayton and Democrats facing close re-elections don’t show up

(Minneapolis) – After President Obama’s appearance today in St. Paul, the Republican Party of Minnesota was quick to point out that Minnesota Democrats must be feeling vulnerable.

“The President came to town – not to explain Obamacare’s failure of course, but to announce federal transportation stimulus money – and still no Democrat in a close federal race showed up,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman, Keith Downey. “Even staunch Presidential allies like Mark Dayton, Al Franken, Rick Nolan, Tim Walz, and Colin Peterson apparently realize that Obama’s vision isn’t selling after five years of failure.”

Republican state legislators held a press conference earlier in the day asking the President and Governor Dayton for some relief from the failed Obamacare rollout and MNSure. “Real people, regular everyday Minnesotans are hurting, but Democrats aren’t listening, they are talking about anything BUT Obamacare,” said Downey.

The President complimented Minnesota’s “spiffy new trains” and announced an additional $300 billion transportation stimulus proposal. This comes after $300 Billion was proposed in the 2009 Stimulus Bill, more money was allocated in the 2009 Omnibus Spending Bill also called “Stimulus 2.0”, $60 Billion of the “American Jobs Act” of 2012 was for roads & bridges, and $105 Billion in the “Highway Bill” signed in the summer of 2012.

“We all want good infrastructure, no doubt, and government plays an important role, but this is just the same old same old, copy and paste speech the president has been giving for five years now,” concluded Downey. “The jobs never materialize and the stimulus spending and tax increases never grow the economy. But when Democrats are scared and need to garner support, they start talking about roads and bridges again.”

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