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$300 Billion Stimulus, “spiffy new trains”, and No Democrats in Close Races

Obama says nothing about Obamacare; and Franken, Dayton and Democrats facing close re-elections don’t show up

(Minneapolis) – After President Obama’s appearance today in St. Paul, the Republican Party of Minnesota was quick to point out that Minnesota Democrats must be feeling vulnerable.

“The President came to town – not to explain Obamacare’s failure of course, but to announce federal transportation stimulus money – and still no Democrat in a close federal race showed up,” said Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman, Keith Downey. “Even staunch Presidential allies like Mark Dayton, Al Franken, Rick Nolan, Tim Walz, and Colin Peterson apparently realize that Obama’s vision isn’t selling after five years of failure.”

Republican state legislators held a press conference earlier in the day asking the President and Governor Dayton for some relief from the failed Obamacare rollout and MNSure. “Real people, regular everyday Minnesotans are hurting, but Democrats aren’t listening, they are talking about anything BUT Obamacare,” said Downey.

The President complimented Minnesota’s “spiffy new trains” and announced an additional $300 billion transportation stimulus proposal. This comes after $300 Billion was proposed in the 2009 Stimulus Bill, more money was allocated in the 2009 Omnibus Spending Bill also called “Stimulus 2.0”, $60 Billion of the “American Jobs Act” of 2012 was for roads & bridges, and $105 Billion in the “Highway Bill” signed in the summer of 2012.

“We all want good infrastructure, no doubt, and government plays an important role, but this is just the same old same old, copy and paste speech the president has been giving for five years now,” concluded Downey. “The jobs never materialize and the stimulus spending and tax increases never grow the economy. But when Democrats are scared and need to garner support, they start talking about roads and bridges again.”

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Will Al Franken Ask Obama To Stay Away?

According to a report in the Washington Post, President Obama has offered to avoid states where his presence would hurt vulnerable Senate Democrats.

The news came the same week that Congressional Quarterly announced that Sen. Al Franken votes with President Obama 100% of the time, and shows that he had the fewest bipartisan bills of any U.S. Senator. Republican Party of Minnesota chairman Keith Downey released the following statement asking if Sen. Franken will have President Obama campaign for him in 2014:

“Between voting for a healthcare law that is canceling insurance coverage and costing us jobs, Al Franken has a lot to answer for,” said Chairman Downey. “As President Obama’s number one cheerleader, Al Franken won’t be able to run from his record of putting his party first.”

Strib: “At Least 140,000 Minnesotans Will Lose Current Health Policies” Because Of Obamacare. “At least 140,000 Minnesotans who buy health insurance on their own are being notified that their plans will no longer be available under the new federal health care law, adding to the national furor over canceled policies that has overtaken the health care debate.”

(Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune, Oct. 31, 2013)

“More than 2 million Americans who would otherwise rely on a job for health insurance will quit working, reduce their hours or stop looking for employment because of new health benefits available under the Affordable Care Act, congressional budget analysts said Tuesday.”

(Source: Washington Post, Feb. 4, 2014)

President Offers To Stay Away From States With Competitive Senate Races. “President Obama, struggling with low approval ratings after a dispiriting year of setbacks, conceded in private remarks Wednesday that some fellow Democrats might not want his help in this fall’s elections. … ‘He said he knew he is not popular in some of the states so he would not be offended if he were not invited to visit them this year,’ said one senator who requested anonymity to discuss the private meeting. ‘But he said he could be helpful in some parts of some states.’”

(Source: Washington Post, Feb. 6, 2014)

In 2013, Al Franken Voted With President Obama 100 Percent Of The Time. (CQ Voting Studies – Sen. Al Franken, CQ Roll Call, Updated February 2014)

Franken’s Support of ObamaCare Will Reduce Employment in MN

Equivalent of 50,855 Jobs Could Be Lost

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) detailed that ObamaCare will cost the economy the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs by 2024. A new state-by-state analysis by the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) shows that ObamaCare will have harmful effects on employment and the workforce in Minnesota.

In 2009, when trying to justify ObamaCare, Senator Al Franken gushed, “I’m proud of what we’re doing, I’m really proud.”

It is difficult to reconcile Franken’s words in light of the news from the Congressional Budget Office that makes clear that fewer people will be employed and fewer hours worked because of the unpopular law. According to the new ATR analysis, it is estimated that ObamaCare will reduce employment and cost Minnesota the equivalent of over 50,000 jobs.

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal made clear how this news is politically harmful to Senators who championed the law like Al Franken: “All of this is one more contradiction of the arguments that were used to sell ObamaCare. The law would reduce health-care costs and shrink the deficit, you could keep your health plan and your doctor, and businesses could hire more workers and be more competitive. All of this is turning out to be false, and now we learn that the law is a job destroyer that is removing rungs from the ladder of upward economic mobility.”


BACKGROUND: Franken On Health Care: “I’m Proud Of What We’re Doing, I’m Really Proud.” (Senator Al Franken, “Sen. Franken Delivers Final Speech on Health Care Reform,” Press Release, 12/23/09)

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