What is a Precinct Caucus?

Your precinct caucus is essentially a neighborhood meeting put on by your local Republican Party BPOU. BPOU stands for Basic Political Organizational (some say Operating) Unit. At the caucus you can:

•Cast a preference ballot for Republican candidates for Governor and US Senate

•Vote for precinct officers

•Vote for delegates to your local Party convention (or be elected yourself!)

•Sign up to be an election judge

•Discuss changes to our platform

•Meet more neighbors!

•Lay the foundation for the 2014 elections

Precinct Caucuses in Douglas County are held at Jefferson Senior High School, in the cafeteria

What is a BPOU?

The precincts in your area are part of your local BPOU, which is the most basic grassroots organization of our Party. Each BPOU has its own constitution and makes its own decisions on most functions…with the exception of a few state laws and a few State Party constitutional regulations, they have autonomy. BPOUs do not collect funds from the state, all costs to operate them are paid with money generated on the local level via fundraising events and donations. One of the most effective ways to make a difference is by engaging with your local BPOU.

By attending your local caucus, you are showing that you support Republican candidates and take your civic duty to participate seriously. By attending your local caucus, you make our Party much stronger. Caucusing is easy, important, and fun…See you on the 4th!


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