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FransonPicAlexandria – State Representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) has formally announced her intention to run for a third term for the Minnesota House of Representatives to represent House District 08B, encompassing northeastern Douglas County and eastern Otter Tail County

“I plan to run on my conservative record opposing higher taxes on hardworking Minnesota families, fighting the damaging affects of Obamacare in Minnesota, and advocating for the unborn,” said Franson.

Franson, a former childcare provider, has been a leader in the legislature opposing the forced unionization of childcare providers.

“As a former childcare provider, I know firsthand the joys and challenges of caring for young kids during the day,” said Franson. “It’s wrong for vulnerable people like children to be caught up in a political power grab that will only take more money from moms, dads, and childcare providers for the sole purpose of filling union coffers.”

Although a member of the minority party in the legislature, Franson was able to pass two bills. One bill provided an upfront sales tax exemption for capital equipment for businesses. The other bill lifted a regulation on distilleries in Minnesota. Both were signed into law.

Franson currently serves on Health and Human Services Policy Committee, Early Childhood and Youth Development Policy Committee, and Higher Education Finance and Policy Committee.

For more information contact Mary Franson: 320-304-4001



Republican Chairman proposes undoing MNsure in “unsession” to cut losses

(Minneapolis) – Citing the independent MNSure report published this week, Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey is calling for MNsure to be shut down and for Minnesota to lead the nation by charting a new bi-partisan, consumer focused healthcare future.

“After blowing $160 million dollars, causing real harm to people in Minnesota and damaging our state’s nation-leading health care system, it is time for Governor Dayton to cut our losses and undo MNsure in his self titled “unsession” coming up,” said Downey. “The report basically recommends a do-over, but it’s impossible to believe we would see a different result. Government never should have tried to take over healthcare, and no number of do-overs can fix the real problem which is Obamacare itself.”

The independent report, issued by Optum at MNSure’s request, was highly critical of MNsure’s governance, operations and information systems. The recommendations prescribe re-work that in many cases means starting over with new operations and scrapping entire systems. The report also identifies a number of elements that do not yet exist and need to be completed from scratch. The major fixes are estimated to take over a year.

Downey stressed that prior to implementing Obamacare via MNsure, Minnesota covered a wider range of people than Obamacare does, and covered pre-existing conditions better than Obamacare does. Downey called for consumer focused solutions to improve health insurance, but recognized that it would not be possible while Obamacare controls what states can and cannot do.

Downey suggested that “Senator Franken and Governor Dayton need to take responsibility for the failure of Obamacare and its Minnesota MNsure implementation,” and “begin working in a bipartisan way at the state and federal level to undo the mistaken government takeover of healthcare.” In the meantime Downey says there are only “least worst” options, but the directional change is needed.

“Senator Franken was the deciding vote as the Democrats jammed Obamacare through without a single Republican vote. Here at home Governor Dayton and the Democrats passed and implemented MNsure without a single Republican, claiming they could do it better than the Feds, and believing that government is best equipped to run your health care. But now they’ve wasted all the money,” Downey continued. “Continuing to throw good money after bad on MNsure would be a huge mistake.”

Without its own Obamacare exchange, Minnesota would revert to using the federal exchange along with over 30 other states. The federal exchange is receiving ongoing infusions of cash from the federal government to fix its problems. “Using the federal exchange may be no better, but it won’t be worse,” Downey concluded. “At least we wouldn’t be paying double for two failures.”

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Keith Downey, Chair
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Challenger for GOP Endorsement in 8B

Sue Nelson ImageSue Nelson, of rural Perham, has announced her intentions to seek the Republican endorsement for the Minnesota Legislature, House Seat District 8B.

Republican Mary Franson of Alexandria is the District 8B incumbent.

Sue and her husband Brian, a retired law enforcement officer, have been married for 35 years and have one son, Mac. Sue Nelson owns Nelson Talent and Event Management, and along with her husband, also owns and operates Tactical Defense Systems, teaching Permit to Carry/Conceal Carry classes and personal defense & protection classes.

Sue has been a familiar face on the political scene, most recently in the last 15 years in Otter Tail County. She has served on the Executive Committee for the Otter Tail County Republican Party; and was elected last spring to the position of Chair of the Republican Party of Otter Tail County.


Rep. Paul Anderson (12B) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

Several factors, called by some a “perfect storm,” have come together this winter to cause a spike in the price of LP gas, used by many to heat their homes or livestock barns.

In the past week, the price of LP has doubled and the end may not be in sight. That’s because our extremely cold weather shows no sign of breaking just yet. Forecasts call for more snow this weekend, accompanied by high winds and temperatures expected to fall below zero once again.

I was in contact with the governor’s office yesterday and was told they are well aware of the situation. Supplies of LP gas are still flowing into the state, by rail and by pipeline. The problem is that more product is being taken out of the system than is being replaced. And the price is skyrocketing. LP gas that sold for around $2 per gallon a couple of weeks ago is now going for well over $4. Earlier this week, the price jumped by 60 cents one day and 70 cents the next.

Price is one issue, and supply is another. One area retailer is limiting deliveries to 100 gallons. And as suppliers must send trucks farther and farther, sometimes as far as Kansas, to replenish their supply, the cost goes up.

It’s expected this spike in price will not last long once this cold snap ends. So another reason for not taking large deliveries is to prevent having high-priced product in tanks while the price is coming down again.

If you want more detailed information on the subject, I have included links to two articles that do a good job in describing what has led to this situation. This is not just a Minnesota problem as many other states are experiencing the same situation. As one of the articles explains, Texas has passed an emergency declaration that should help bring more product north to where it’s needed.

The two links are listed here:

US propane shortage deepens as cold snap reaches Midwest

Texas is open for business to help relieve national propane shortage

Trying to conserve supplies of LP may be the best short-term solution for consumers as we work through this temporary shortage. Historically, the coldest temperatures of the season occur in mid to late January, so we should be turning the corner to warmer weather soon.

Take care,