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New economic report for MN

Rep. Paul Anderson (12B) – Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

A column I submitted to newspapers throughout the district this week addressed, among other things, the new state economic forecast we received.

The new report is the latest to show revenue above previous projections, extending a run of positive reports which started in Nov. of 2011. This is good news, but we need to be cautious as we examine what to do with this “found” money.

I support using part of the surplus revenue to repeal some of the new taxes Gov. Mark Dayton and fellow Democrats passed earlier this year. I oppose applying it to added state spending at this time, especially if it commits us to spending into the future.

At any rate, we need to hold tight until the February forecast is issued with a new set of complete numbers. A lot could change between now and then and the report itself indicated there is volatility in tax increases.

Here is a link to my column, with more details and my thoughts on the matter. Also, here is a link to the complete economic report from Minnesota Management & Budget. I will keep you in the loop as things develop.




Congrats Kelly Fenton

Dear Friends,

Please join us in thanking MNGOP Deputy Chairwoman Kelly Fenton for all her hard work on behalf of the Republican Party of Minnesota. Kelly has decided to run for the open House seat in District 53B, and announced yesterday that she will be stepping down as our Deputy Chair effective January 1st so she can focus on her district and her campaign.

Kelly has been one of the hardest working and most dedicated women for the Republican Party of Minnesota for many years, and on behalf of all of us we offer our sincere gratitude for all she has done.

Congratulations, Kelly on your decision to run for public office!

The Republican Party of Minnesota
Keith Downey, Chair
Chris Fields, Secretary

Prepared and Paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota
Keith Downey, Chair

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