Rep. Mary Franson (08B) – Legislative Update

Dear neighbor,

Happy Deer Opener! My family is ready to go out and mark the beginning of deer hunting season tomorrow! My boys are quite excited to be able to go out with the family hunting!

For more information on the Deer Hunting Opener, you can go to the DNR’s website.

Be safe, stay warm, and have fun!


On Monday, we honor those who have served our country in uniform for Veterans Day. Words can’t express how much appreciation I have for those who have risked their lives defending the freedoms we hold dear.

Our veterans are my heroes. They inspire me. As a mom of three children, I worry about my kids every day. With the character of the men and women who choose to join the military, I rest easy knowing our nation is in good hands. Thank you, veterans, for what you’ve given our country. Thank you for keeping our families safe. Thank you for keeping my kids safe.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Happy Veterans Day.




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