Dear Friends:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 the Minnesota Senate will convene at noon for the 2014 Legislative Session. We, as legislators, need your input to effectively implement new laws and repeal unnecessary laws.

Governor Mark Dayton has indicated that this session should be an “Unsession” to repeal old laws/regulations. He created a website asking Minnesotans to send him ideas for disposing of ineffective laws, rules, and regulations – which I think is a good idea too. The website is called “The Unsession” and allows for people to contact the governor with their thoughts on how to make government more efficient for the citizens of Minnesota. I encourage you to submit your ideas to the governor and I would ask you to also e-mail them to my office.

The website is:

One “ripe” idea is to let the governor know that his new taxes passed last session are a burden on businesses and the citizens of Minnesota. Ask him to repeal his three newly-created taxes on families, farmers and small businesses, which are the equipment repair tax, telecommunications equipment tax, and warehousing tax. So far, the governor and DFL leadership have refused to repeal these new taxes.

Other ideas may be onerous statutes/regulations that merely add cost or delay to your family, farm, or business. Big or small, the governor and legislature need to hear from you. I will continue to fight for hardworking taxpayers to fix the mistakes Democrats made last session. Government should be more efficient, not more expensive and wasteful.

Please do not hesitate to share with me legislative issues important to you that need to be addressed this coming session.

Warm regards,

Senator Torrey Westrom
District 12
107 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155
(651) 296-3826
(855) 407-7386


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