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Join the MNGOP at the State Fair!

ONLY 3 Days Until the Fair…

Come visit the Republican Party of Minnesota’s State Fair booth located on Carnes Ave at the State Fair from August 22nd to September 2nd.

We will have balloons for the kids, political buttons for the adults, and plenty of conversation on taking our state back in 2014.


Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen


Paul Anderson’s Legislative Update

Dear Neighbor,

I just wanted to pass along word that a special legislative session is tentatively scheduled for Sept. 9 to discuss disaster relief after storms ripped through the state in June.

We anticipated disaster relief would be our only item of business in a special session, but an interesting twist is developing. Gov. Mark Dayton said at Farmfest today a new law which applies the state sales tax to farm machinery repairs and other types of repair work was a bad mistake and he supports rescinding it during the special session.

Many of us in Greater Minnesota have been railing against the new tax passed by Dayton and fellow Democrats earlier this year. I have spoken out strongly against it and am pleased to hear some of those who led the tax to passage are starting to hear our message. It remains to be seen if we can execute a repeal, but it would be a major victory for farmers if we can spare them from this new tax.

We also are working to repeal a warehousing tax, which would impact ag. inputs. That tax does not go into effect until April of 2014 and the governor continues to express reluctance over taking that up in the special session. He says it could be further examined in the regular 2014 session, which starts in February.

I will keep you posted.



Remove the F from DFL

Democrats too often using farmers as political pawns

This week at Minnesota’s Farm Fest, what Democrats supposedly claim is agriculture policy all too often turns out to be nothing more than a puppet for pushing their big government agenda.

Democrats use farmers as pawns to save vote-buying welfare handout programs.

Democrats in Washington are using Minnesota farmers as pawns for big government welfare programs. At first, Democrats supported a new farm bill, but when they didn’t get their welfare programs customized to their liking they voted against the farm bill. Why can’t they split the two issues into two separate bills?

Minnesota Democrats woo farmers despite turning their backs on them repeatedly

If you’re more successful on your farm, chances are Gov. Dayton thinks you’re rich and will increase your state taxes by 25%. Dayton also taxes farm machinery repairs, and warehouse and storage fees that increase farming costs. Passing down the family farm to your kids will be taxed more under Dayton’s new inheritance rules. And 70% of the Democrats’ property tax program went to the metro area. The kicker, your 2nd amendment rights, family values and the essence of rural life are being attacked by liberal elites.

Democrats are ratcheting up a socialist agenda that is bad for farmers

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison recently said “there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it.” Ellison’s socialism is bad for farmers. When it’s no longer who’s the best farmer, but who’s the most connected to the politicians, the average Minnesota farmer gets left behind. And remember, the collectivists in 1917 came for farm production first.

Democrats in St. Paul clearly showed their priorities when they placed the legislature’s Agriculture Committee as a sub-committee under the Environment Committee. They wanted Minneapolis liberals setting Agriculture policy and budgets.

It is time for Minnesota Democrats to be honest, remove the F from DFL, and work with Republicans to give farmers policies that work.

Prepared and paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota,

Keith Downey, Chair

Not Authorized By Any Candidate Or Candidate’s Committee